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Testimonials from Parents

Here are some quotes from recent communications from parents

A message from one of our YP’s parents: "I have just had a lovely hour with my son and your care worker (she's great!). He came with his communication book, I'm stunned at how good he was with it.
His care worker used it with him, he really does use it well with encouragement. He pointed to 'like', 'eat', 'sandwich', scanned for all the food and was very definite in what he wanted. After an hour, I thought he may want to go out, I showed him the book and he scanned then pointed to Our Place. After a couple of minutes I asked what did he want and he pointed to Our Place again! I am so pleased, this is the first time I have used the book with him, he seems to have really taken to it.
Thank you and keep up the good work!"

“Hello, I just wanted to thank you all at Our Place for making it a lovely birthday for R. He really enjoyed it and I could see some of the other young people also got a lot out of it which is fabulous.

Special thanks to June for organising the party, the magician, the balloons and banners etc.. also to Dave, the chef for a lovely birthday spread. Kind regards"

“To everyone at Our Place school, I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for looking after A. His time with you was only short but you have all made such a difference to him. He is a much happier and relaxed boy from his experience with you all.

I would have loved for him to stay with you as I felt that he belonged there. You took such good care of him and taught him so much. If it was up to me he would still be with you!! :-(

I know that you will all miss him and I am sure that he misses you.

Good luck to you all and I hope that we will keep in touch.

Thank you G for being his key worker, you and everyone there have really helped him. I hope that he will be able to keep in touch with his friends too.”

"Our Place is like home from home, When we visit it's just like walking into G’s own Home"

"We are amazed at what G has achieved over the last 2 years since he has been at Our Place. He is doing things we never thought we would see our son do, we want him to stay here forever"

"It means so much to us that G is happy when we leave him after visits. He settles straight back into his routine"

"The staff at Our Place are like our extended family, they are all so lovely and welcoming"

"Our Place is outstanding and everyone works so hard, we cannot tell you know much we appreciate their work, without them we don't know where we would be"

"Excellent progress this year and we would love this to continue with the help of your excellent staff"

"It is good that he is able to visit different places and take part in social activities"

"We are looking forward to seeing an improvement in his communication skills and the ability to express his needs, thus decreasing frustration"

Testimonials from Local Authorities

Here are some quotes from recent communications from local authorities

L moved into Our Place as a short term placement. During his 3 month residential and education placement our main targets were to help L manage his own behaviours more appropriately and improve his communication around his feelings and wants in the future, with the hope that he would move on to live successfully with foster carers with regular family contact.

The social worker commented:
“L has now settled really well with a foster carer. He stays with him Monday to Friday. He still talks about Our Place and is much more relaxed and happy. He says he is less worried now and presents as less anxious. “He has been a little difficult in school due to class changes but generally much better than expected.”