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Complaints Procedure
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Medical Provision
Fire Precautions


Complaints Procedures

Our Place is committed to providing the best care and education for each individual child or young person but should any parent, child, family, member of staff or support service be concerned they will be actively encouraged to share their concern with the appropriate person. Any worries will be promptly addressed.

If your concerns are still not adequately dealt with you will be asked to submit them in writing, these will then be investigated and a full report will be available in five working days. You can contact the home or school via 01886 833378. Should the concern still not have been resolved the Independent Disputes Advisor will be approached and asked to resolve the situation, contact via 01886 833378. However, if this still does not settle the situation you have a right to take your complaint to the registration bodies listed below:

Roger Morgan, Children’s Officer, The National Business Unit, Ofsted, Royal
Exchange Buildings, St. Ann’s Square, Manchester, M2 7LA 0300 123 1231

DfE, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BT
0870 000 2288 email:

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Our Place carries insurance, provided by Markel (UK) Limited, which includes cover for children’s possessions. This cover is in respect of loss or damage caused by fire, flood, theft or malicious damage caused by others. Each child or young person has personal possession cover included in this policy to a total of £2,500.00 the excess will be covered by Our Place. In the event of the behaviour of a child or young person causing repetitive damage to another child or young person’s possessions, the parents or guardians of the child or young person causing the damage will be asked to agree in writing to the individual behaviour plan designed to modify this behaviour or may be liable to pay the excess of the insurance.

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Medical Provision

When a child or young person becomes ill or has an accident requiring medical attention the school will immediately contact parents/carers/social workers. Parents/carers are requested to inform the school of any medical attention received by the child or young person on a home visit or any over the counter remedies provided for a resident child or young person such as vitamin tablets.
On admission all the children are registered with a GP. The GP may attend review meetings to discuss any health problems with parents/carers.

The GP’s permission will be sought before staff administer any over the counter medication not prescribed by the GP.

Only trained staff will administer medication. The staff are trained to current NHS administration and recording standards. The administration of medication by injection or anal insertion will only be agreed by an individual care plan where medical advice, support and training are included and agreed to be appropriate by all key people for the child.

All prescription services for the children will be handled by Lygon Pharmacy, Worcester Road, Malvern.

The children are registered for general medical services at St. Saviours Surgery, Merick Road, Malvern; dental service at Prospect View, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, and Troman’s Opticians, Worcester Road, Malvern, services are provided locally or on site.

Our Place contracts the services of a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nutritionist and Educational Psychologist for any child or young person who needs these services.

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Fire Precautions

The home and school buildings are fitted with regulation fire doors approved by the Fire Service. The detection systems are regularly checked and the alarms tested. Fire evacuation drills are carried out on a regular basis in line with legal requirements. All fire evacuations are recorded in the log book. All staff and children receive induction training and instruction in responding to the fire alert.
Use of Cameras and Surveillance Equipment.

Our Place believes that the confidentiality and rights of the children should be respected at all times. It is therefore essential for Our Place to ensure that any photographic media is used appropriately. 

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