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Our Place Schools Admissions PolicyThe children's home is registered to take young people up to an age of 19 if that is requested by Adult Services.

The school is registered as an Independent Residential Special School with Ofsted and approved for children up to the age of 19.

The home provides for 52 week care with term time education. We are able to accommodate children and young people with a greater than 4 year age gap by very careful selection during the admissions process.

We advertise our service widely and reflect the diversity of our society in our publicity and promotional materials.


When a date for admission is agreed an induction programme is created as appropriate to the child or young person’s needs and situation. A child or young person’s guide to the home will be provided. Visits by the child or young person and relevant adults are encouraged and information is exchanged in the form of a pre-admission questionnaire relating to the skills, likes, dislikes and individual characteristics of the child.

A Key Worker will be allocated to collate relevant information and help with the organisation of the child or young person’s bedroom and any special requirements they may have on admission. The information gained from the assessment visit and from contact by Our Place’ staff with the child or young person will form the basis for the child or young person’s initial Care Plan within their file.

The right time

Our Place is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all children and parents and welcomes all our children's families, friends and significant others in their lives. Places are available in either 48 week or 52 week residency.

In order to maintain family unity, Our Place aims to support families whilst recognising their understanding and knowledge of their children.
This includes taking account of family holidays and the wishes of parents in that respect.

Exclusion Policy

Children are placed at Our Place after due consideration of the information presented. This information, taken alongside the school's own assessments, must identify that the school can meet the identified needs of the child or young person both educationally (through the statement) and socially.  Exclusion would only be used when personal planning with the placing authority has failed to achieve a constructive transition.

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